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I Built this Website to Help You Pass the NZ Police Psychometric Test.

Kia ora. My name is Luke and after passing the NZPOL Psychometric Test, I built this website to help you on your path to becoming a NZ Police Force Officer. How? By offering you 3x full-size practice tests to help you better prepare & pass the NZ Police Aptitude Test.

About - NZ Police Practice Tests

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Complete on your phone, tablet, desktop/laptop with instant results, explanations, randomised questions & timer providing you the closest setup as the official assessment.

Full-Size Practice Tests

All tests have the same number, difficulty & types of questions as the official NZ Police assessment providing you with the closest practice experience.


Instant Access

Online exams are emailed to you within 5 mins, allowing you to start practicing straight away.

Difficulty Levels

All tests have the same level of difficulty as the entrance test so you will know what to expect and to also help you identify your strengths & weaknesses.

Explanations Provided

Explanations are provided for all Verbal, Abstract & Numerical questions, plus I am happy to help you with questions or if you get stuck on a question.

Support NZ Business

I created this website to help out Kiwis with the aptitude exam after my experience applying into the NZ police force. I am based in ChCh and set this site up as a side hustle. 

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All payments are made through Paypal with either your Paypal account or credit/debit cards providing you a quick & easy payment through a trusted provider.

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I’m confident these exams can help you & I’m proud of them. Trust is difficult to build online so I offer a full refund if you’re not happy for any reason. 

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Complete the NZ Police Aptitude Practice Tests as many times as you wish.

The Problem with the Official Practice Tests

The NZ Police Aptitude test is run by the Podium. I recommend you take Podium's practice tests but the problem is, they don’t show you the answers, they don't provide you with full-size tests nor all the types of questions found on the entrance test.

After passing the NZ Police entrance test, I built this website to provide you with; 3x full size practice tests, answers and explanations to all questions, and also timers. Everything you need to pass the NZ Police Entrance Test!

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“I actually did so much better than I expected, I really surprised myself. I actually don’t have any feedback on how you could improve the exams or website, your exams were exactly like the test which was super helpful. Thank you so much again” – Stacey

How to Access the NZ Police Practice Tests?



Select the practice exams below that best suit your needs.


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NZ Police Psychometric Practice Tests 2024

All practice tests have; the same number & types of questions found on the official assessment, includes explanations for each answer, timers & random questions providing you with the closest practice experience.

Abstract Reasoning

– 3x Practice Tests
– 20 Questions Per Test
– Includes Answers & Explanations
– Sample Questions

Verbal Reasoning

– 3x Practice Tests
– 20 Questions Per Test
– Includes Answers & Explanations
– Sample Questions

Numerical Reasoning

– 3x Practice Tests
– 20 Questions Per Test
– Includes Answers & Explanations
– Sample Questions

Combo Package

– 3x Full Size Practice Tests
– 60 Questions Per test (All Q’s differ to Individual Tests)
– Includes All (9x) Individual Practice Tests 

Take a Free Sample NZ Police Test

Have a go at answering some sample questions from my NZ Police Practice Assessments. Sample tests include answers & explanations, results and timer. No sign up required.

Abstract Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning

Money Back Guarantee​

I’m proud of these practice exams and am 100% confident they will help you with the entrance exam. If you’re not happy with your purchase, send an email, and you’ll receive a full refund within 24 hours.

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How Can I Trust Your Website?
Trust can be difficult to establish in today’s digital environment. If you have such concerns, one great thing about Paypal is, if you purchase through Paypal and don’t receive your product, you can receive a full refund through Paypal without having to contact me. You can read more about this on Paypal’s website. This has happened to me three times over five years and each time was due to the reasons below.

What Happens if I don’t Receive the Practice Exams?
There are 3 possible causes why:
1) The email with the practice tests ended up in your spam folder. Please check there first.
2) Very occasionally, the email account associated or entered on the Paypal payment page is incorrect or no longer in use. I can’t do anything about this except wait for the customer to get in touch via the email on the contact section of this website.
3) Finally, every week I have to re-new the auto-emailer license (Sundays) and occasionally I forget! I do receive an email when the auto-emailer stops working so I fix it and send out any customer emails ASAP.

How Do I Pay Without Using Paypal?
 Drop me an email, and I’ll send across my bank details for direct bank transfer. I’ll email you the exams before you make the payment.

Testimonial by Nelson for the NZ Police Aptitude Practice Tests


“Thank you for touching base with me. The content is amazing and its really going to give me that extra boost I need to pass. Thank you so much I’ll make sure to shout out if i need any assistance. Thanks.” – Nelson


“Hey mate, just letting you know I passed my test and that your practice tests helped me immensely. The explanations and mix of questions were on point. Thank you so much. Onwards 2024.” – Tama
Testimonial by Nelson for the NZ Police Aptitude Practice Tests


“I really wanted to leave a review on your website because your material actually helped me prepare so much for the test but I couldn’t find a section to write it, so I thought I would just write it in here.

With the help of your study/test material I was able to pass the pre-entry test with ease. I highly recommend this study/test material for anybody who is starting from scratch or just needs extra material to help boost confidence.” – Mark

FAQs - NZ Police Entrance Test

The information below is based on my experience sitting the NZ Police Aptitude Entrance Test in August 2022. 
Have a question that I haven’t covered below? Message me in the contact form at the bottom of page.


  • 60 Multiple Choice Questions presented in a random order
  • 30 mins to complete the assessment, which allows 30 seconds per question.
  • The will be 3 sample questions to help you navigate the software.
  • Most questions have 6 possible answers.
  • Test are to be completed without the aid of a calculator, dictionary etc. Because this is an online test conducted where you are situated, there is no way to monitor whether you are using outside aids.
  • The numerical questions are basic enough to be able to work them out in your head, although I do recommend having a pen & paper handy to assist, which is abiding by the NZ Police recommendations.

This is a difficult question to answer, as everyone is coming from a different place. I found it straight forward but then after creating all of these practice tests, it should have been.

A couple of things:

  • The questions at the start are easier and then become more difficult later on.
  • The test seems to be designed so you cannot complete all the questions as I just finished within time. If you are struggling on a question, answer with your best guess and move on. You can take note of the question number and return to it at the end, but there won’t be much time.
  • All the questions in the exam were similar to the Podium practice questions EXCEPT for the abstract section. About half of the abstract questions had a different format, which were analogue clocks. You are meant to find the difference in time from the clocks were shown. These questions were not harder than the other abstract type questions, just different.
  • Some of the verbal reasoning questions had words I’ve never come across before, and I’m an avid reader. I did have a Google chrome page open and googled these difficult words. This is against the rules and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to cross that line or not. Some of the words were ridiculous and rarely used in everyday conversation. 

The software is quite straight forward and user friendly. There will be 3practice questions before the test to familiarise yourself, one for each section ie, abstract, verbal & numerical.

The software uses a ‘drag & drop’ method to answer questions. You simply drag the answer you believe is correct into the question space. 

I created the practice exams based on my experience sitting the NZ police entrance test so I am very confident the practice questions are the same format as the entrance test.

If you take the time to go through the explanations to the questions you get wrong, and then keep practicing until you are passing the practice tests with ease, I am confident you will do well come exam day (assuming you perform well under pressure!).

The rules state calculators and phones are not allowed during the NZ Police entrance test. I don’t recommend using a calculator. The numerical questions were simple enough and focus more on finding the patterns / rules between the numbers shown. I strongly recommend having pen and paper handy though.

  1. Take the official practice questions
    These can be found on the NZ police website. They will provide you with a good understanding of the types of questions you will have to answer. The problem with these questions though is; you will not receive answers, no working explanations and they only have a small number of practice questions.
  2. If you felt the official practice questions were straight forward and if you feel confident, you can probably sit the test straight away.
  3. If you would like some more practice questions and feeling a bit unsure how you will go with the entrance exam, then check out my practice questions.  I created this website to offer 3x full-size practice tests with explanations and answers in order for you to get a more realistic exam experience. 
  4. Take one of the full size practice tests and see how you go. If you struggled, take the time to understand where you went wrong. Look at the explanations and if you’re still stuck, send me an email. Once you do this process, I recommend re-sitting the same exam a day or two later. Did you improve? If so, wait another day and sit another full size exam.
  5. Through this process, you should become aware of what types of questions you’re doing well in and what type of questions you’re struggling with. Once you have sat all 3 practice tests, spend time building upon your weaknesses. Whether it’s verbal, abstract or numerical, search for more practice questions online and invest the time to really study and prepare. Keep coming back very few days to re-sit one of the full-size practice tests. Make notes of your score and hopefully, it is increasing!
  6. If you are really struggling on one or more sections, then google tutors in your area with the sections you need to improve upon, ie Numerical tutor Christchurch. For a tutor to be successful, you will need some time to develop those skills. 


– Your job is to identify the pattern amongst the shapes shown in order to select the correct answer.
– Keep an eye out for colours and shapes rotating clockwise / anti-clockwise, shapes being reflected/mirrored between each figure (a single figure is 4 small squares together) and the order of shapes swapping based on certain rules ie, top left shape swapping with bottom left etc

Example #1:

Abstract Reasoning Sample Question from a NZ Police Aptitude Practice Test-1

What is the pattern? 
In each figure, the top left shape is swapped with the bottom right and the the bottom left shape is swapped with the top right. The colours are moving one shape anti-clockwise at a time. 

Example #2:

What is the pattern? 
The small hand is moving 1 hour or 1 step clock-wise each time, while the long hand is moving 10 mins or 2 steps clock-wise each time.

Example #3:

Abstract Reasoning Sample Question from a NZ Police Aptitude Practice Test-2

What is the pattern? 
The colours are rotating clock-wise between each figure and the shapes stay in the same place.

Example #4:

Abstract Reasoning Sample Question from a NZ Police Aptitude Practice Test-3

What is the pattern? 
All shapes stay in the same position. Only the black colour is moving clock-wise each time overlapping all other colours.

2: C
3: D
4: C

– Your job is to work out the meaning or association between the words shown and then choose the answer that best fits that association.
– Sometimes, two possible answers may have a similar associated so it’s up to you to work out which one best fits (tricky I know!)
– Keep an eye out for word tenses as some associations may require you to identify past or future tenses. Also, whether the words are verbs or nouns.

Example #1:

Verbal Reasoning Sample Question from a NZ Police Psychometric Practice Test-1

What is the pattern?
There are 3 series of words shown. Opposite meaning is the association between the two words in each series. Possible answers include:

A Extreme
B Unmotivated
C Sleep
D Enthusiastic
E Tired

Example #2

Verbal Reasoning Sample Question from a NZ Police Psychometric Practice Test-2

What is the pattern?
Each series has a noun, past and present tense words. 

A Dived
B Dropped
C Descended
D Plunged
E Submerged

Example #3

Verbal Reasoning Sample Question from a NZ Police Psychometric Practice Test-3

What is the pattern?
Types of objects found in space. Note: notice how none are plural.

A Planets
B Earth
C Moons
D Mercury
E Planet

#2 A
#3 E

– Your job is to identify the pattern in the numbers shown, which will be presented in various ways, such as groups of 2, 3, 5 etc.
– For the easier questions, the pattern is based around one calculation using addition, subtraction, multiplying or division.
– For the harder questions, the pattern can involve more than one calculation, ie, addition and subtraction.
– Patterns can be established along rows, columns or a different sequence for the harder questions.

Example #1

Numerical Reasoning Sample Question from a NZ Police Aptitude Practice Test-1

What is the pattern?
The second number in each figure is doubled from the first number. Possible answers include:

A 15
B 10
C 8
D 12
E 9

Example #2

Numerical Reasoning Sample Question from a NZ Police Aptitude Practice Test-2

What is the pattern?
The left number is tripled and then minus one to obtain the right number for each figure. Possible answers include:

A 5
B 8
C 6
D 10
E 12

Example #3

Numerical Reasoning Sample Question from a NZ Police Aptitude Practice Test-3

What is the pattern?
The top two numbers and the bottom left number are added together to obtain the bottom right number. Possible answers include:

A 16
B 22
C 20
D 19
E 24

#1 B
#2 A
#3 C


  • There are 100 questions.
  • There is no time limit to complete but it does state that it should not take longer than 20mins. It’s possible your time may be recorded.
  • Like most personality assessments, each statement has a rating 1-5 from strongly disagree to strongly agree.
  • Clear instructions are found before the test begins with one sample question. 
  • The instructions state clearly to answer truthfully, don’t overthink it and don’t attempt to project someone you are not as it states on the test, it is designed to detect overly positive responses.
  • Do you like to be in control?
  • Are you calm under pressure?
  • Do you want to be more confident?
  • Are you decisive?
  • Do you enjoy being active?

Try not to overthink it too much. Just answer most questions as truthfully as you can.

For some questions, there are obvious answers, ie, ‘do you get upset by your co-workers?’. Answering ‘strongly agree’ is NOT a good idea!

I know people who fail these tests because they try to answer the questions based on what they think the assessors want to hear. You may get through with this approach but remember, the assessment is designed to mitigate this approach by asking similar questions multiple times. It’s a risky approach that can undo some people. 

Study Guide - How to Get the Most Out of the Combo Tests

Quick summary:

  • Completing the practice exams over and over again in the same day loses it’s benefits so avoid doing this.
  • Spread your practice across multiple days/weeks.
  • The tests are designed so it’s difficult to answer all the questions within the time limit. If some questions look too hard or are taking too long to answer, take a guess and move on.
  • The more time you put in to prepare, the better chance of getting a higher mark.

Step 1: Start with the 1st Combo Full Test

  • Make a note of the date and score you received.
  • Don’t look at the explanations yet
  • Think about your approach; were you trying to answer all the questions and rushed some answers? Did you feel like you spent too much time on some questions and should have moved on sooner? Take note about how your approach went what you could do to improve.

Step 2: Determine What Your Strengths & Weaknesses Are

  • Work out how many correct answers you had for each section by tallying up your correct answers and take the percentage.
  • What sections did you do well in? What sections require improvement?
  • If you passed all sections with ease, you’re in a good place to pass the entrance test. If this is you, I would recommend waiting at least a day before taking the second combo test. Why? After the first test, your nerves will probably be settled and you don’t want that. You want to feel some pressure while taking each test, so you can then work on becoming comfortable with that pressure.
  • If you have weaknesses to improve, read on:

Step 3: Improve Your Weaknesses

  • Take the 1st individual test of your weakness. 
  • Take note of your score and compare it you the same section of the combo test.
  • Any questions marked incorrect, take the time to understand where you went wrong. This is the important step! If an explanation doesn’t make sense, email me and I’ll try to help further.
  • Once you have looked through the explanations and understood where you went wrong, repeat the #1 individual test (the one you just took).
  • If you scored higher, great work. If you scored the same or even lower, you have to ask yourself what happened. Where did you go wrong? You have to take the time to dig deeper and see where you went wrong.
  • If you struggled with other sections, then repeat above.

Step 4: Take the 2nd Combo Test

  • Make sure NOT to take the 2nd combo test on the same day as the first (see above for why).
  • Take note of the date you took the test and your score.
  • Again, break down your score as a percentage for each individual section of the test.
  • Compare your results to the 1st combo test.
  • Evaluate how you went.

Step 5: Take Stock of Your Situation

  • Did you improve your overall score compared to the 1st combo test.? Did you improve your individual section score compared to the first time?.
  • If you did not, you need to repeat steps 2 & 3 for the 2nd combo test.
  • You have one more full test to take, so take it when you have put in the time to understand where you are going wrong.
  • If you then do not pass the 3rd combo test, you may need to think about other options to improve your situation. Do you know someone who can help you improve? (go through the questions you are struggling with) or Maybe get a tutor?
  • If these options are not available, then keep going through my practice tests and I would also recommend, sourcing other aptitude tests to further practice on.

Tips - NZ Police Psychometric Test

Click on the Icons below for more in-depth info on how to answer questions from each section.

Verbal Reasoning

Coming Soon

Numeracy Skills

Coming Soon

Why I Created NZ Police Practice Tests

My name is Luke and I built this website to help recruits like yourself who are on the path to joining the NZ Police Force.

How? By Offering you extra practice material specific to the NZ Police Aptitude Test at an affordable price.

I sat and passed the NZPOL entrance test and then produced the practice questions found on this website from the entrance test. I am 100% confident my practice questions will help you to prepare to pass the test. So much so, I offer a money back guarantee with no time limit.

By offering extra practice exams, it gives you the opportunity to build upon your strengths, work on and improve any weaknesses you may have and finally, to take the entrance test with more confidence.

How did I get the idea to create this website?

Back in 2018, I applied into the Victoria Police (Australia) and later withdrew my application. However, after sitting their aptitude test, I realised there was an opportunity to help other candidates who were in a similar situation to me when I prepared for the test; they wanted extra practice with similar questions to the official aptitude test.

Since then, I created a series of practice exams for the following organisations: NZ Defence Force, NZ Firefighters, Victoria PoliceAustralia Federal PoliceQLD PoliceWA PoliceVIC FirefightersNSW Firefighters and QLD Firefighters, helping thousands of recruits like yourself pass their entrance test.

Over that time, I’ve received some great feedback such as from Jacob:

“I want to give a huge thanks for making some affordable practice materials for the entrance exam, it was really helpful leading up to my exam (which I did really well in). Your exams really created a great practicing environment, I believe set me up for success. So, thank you!”

I find helping others to be rewarding & I’ve proven to be quite successful at creating quality aptitude tests. I’m proud of the work I create and am happy to help you out if you’re stuck on a question or wanting advice to prepare for the test. Drop me a line below.

All the best,


If you have purchased the exams and they haven’t arrived in your inbox, please check your spam or ‘all mail’ folders, as they are most likely found in there. If the email isn’t in your spam folder, please check the email address is correct on your Paypal payment confirmation email and if it’s incorrect, please get in touch here.

Otherwise, if you’re stuck on a question, don’t know how to answer it or for any other enquiries, please drop me an email or fill out the form below and I’ll be happy to help. (Note: The link will open an email within your default email app.)